organic troubled skin cream 100ml

organic troubled skin cream 100ml


For inflamed troubled dry and eczema.


Delight touch’s stand alone organic troubled skin cream

 Organic troubled skin cream A soothing cream for troubled & dry skin.

For those who have troublesome skin,

this cream is packed with endless vitamins & omega oils.

Baobab, blackseed, calendula, rosehip,  crambe, carrot, jojoba, aloe vera.

we at delighttouch specially developed this cream.

We tested it with some difficult cases of people who had tried many other creams .

The success & improvement that happened was due to the high quality organic ingredients & purity allowing your skin to stay nourished & enriched.

 If you have tried other creams without success it’s time for a change.

 organic troubled skin cream

For troubled and dry skin this has been a very effective cream for those
who suffer with troublesome & problematic skin skin especially those who have tried other creams without success.
WE at DELIGHT TOUCH believe in purity in our ingredients.

Also the combination of proven and successful oils and herbal extracts.


Extracted from the seeds of the fruit that bloom on the baobab tree.
These extremely old trees (some species live up to a thousand years or more)
are native to Africa and feature thick trunks and thin branches.
Often called “upside down trees” because of their spindly branches that resemble roots, the flowers of baobab trees bloom once a year and interestingly open at night.
Once pollinated by hungry bats,
bees and wasps, the flowers produce fruit, or pods, which house the seeds used to create the prized baobab oil.

We use unrefined organic baobab oil,

which is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds, leaving the oil completely raw with no additives.

This enriching oil nourishes and improves skin elasticity and soothes dry skin. Baobab oil contains moisturizing Vitamins A, D, E and F, which help to rejuvenate damaged skin cells.

Also rich in omega fatty acids,

baobab oil does anti-aging wonders for skin by fighting free radicals.

We love it  as it absorbs into skin seamlessly, without leaving any greasy residue.

 delight touch cleansers and creams are specifically ph balanced to the skins natural ph.

A lot of high st but nice scented creams have a high ph rating making them too alkaline which
can leave your skin overtime not having the desired effect.


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