Organic rosehip hemp & chia moisturiser, with sea buckthorn extract 50ml

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Organic Rosehip hemp & chia seed moisturiser contains sea buckthorn & chamomile extract is good for young & oily skin plus the sweet scent of jasmine ylang ylang & geranium.



organic Rosehip hemp

Organic Rosehip hemp & chia can be used as a daily moisturiser for oily skin, it has excellent rebalancing qualities also a tantalizing scent with jasmine ylang ylang & geranium.

It contains Sea buckthorn extract which is world reknown for it’s rejuvinating &
rebalancing properties. Hemp oil PENETRATES DEEP into the skin which is especially relevant.

For young and oily skin

The moisturiser also contains chamomile extract which is excellent,
for softening & calming the skin plus chia seed oil with numerous
skin benefits.


due to the EFA content,
hemp seed oil can work as an anti-aging product for the skin.
Of course hemp oil is not a magic wand that will make your skin look the same as in the –teens,
but it does have some effect on the overall look of the skin.

It moisturizes, regenerates and revitalizes the skin,
giving it a healthy smooth look.

All this is done by hydrating the skin and giving the necessary fatty acids and vitamins to our body.
if keeping the satisfactory water level,

our skin becomes elastic and smooth. So it can be said the oil does not turn it back into young, but rather give it the look your skin deserves to have!

organic Rosehip hemp and chia

is a excellent choice for young skin most of all if you have oily or blemishes.

No blocking

Many oils stick to our skin or, what is worse, clog its pores (through which skin “breathes”).
Hemp seed oil on the contrary does not do either of that,

but assists to our body in absorbing the essential fatty acids.

All delight touch cleansers and creams are specifically ph balanced to the skins natural ph.

A lot of high st but nice scented creams have a high ph rating making them too alkaline which
can leave your skin overtime not having the desired effect.

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