organic chocolate & pineapple face & body scrub 100ml



The delight touch organic chocolate & pineapple face & body scrub

has a truly amazing uplifting scent and cleansing feel.

You really  START TO REALISE  how your senses will spring to life.

When you begin to use this organic chocolate & pineapple daily scrub.

 IMAGINE  the truly mesmerising & tantalizing scent.

The fine bio scrub particles of cupuacu harvested from the rainforest of south america will stimulate the skin.

while there is low abrasion from the gentle cleansing action.

Our face and body scrub will help to exfoliate dead skin cells

to give a youthful looking skin.

Prevents the accumulation of sebum, which clogged pores.

Maintains clearer complexion as  the scrub removes dirt and grime.

Boost the regeneration properties

of our skin by improving blood circulation

and removing toxins that speed up ageing process.

Over scrubbing may also result to dry, course skin which could become irritated.

However our choc and pineapple scrub is delicate enough to be used daily

without irritation.

NOW the aloe vera will soothe

with a faint smell of chocolate combined with lemongrass & bergamot making this a special beauty product.

All delight touch cleansers and creams

are specifically ph balanced to the skins natural ph.
A lot of high st but nice scented creams

have a high ph rating making them too alkaline which
can leave your skin overtime not having the desired effect.

With this organic

chocolate & pineapple face & body scrub

being specifically balanced to your skins natural ph

enables the quick recovery of your skin cells

Therefore they are not being subjected

to a either a too acidic or too alkaline environment

Which even with a light scrub

helps to not dry out or interfere with your skins healthy appearance.
As well of the sensuous fragrance of chocolate & pineapple

there is also the zesty scents of lemongrass,
with bergamot and rosemary and the slightest touch of lavender.

Most of all a truly chocolatey fragrant mix that will help make or keep

radiant skin.

As a result this is a excellent face and body scrub.





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