Organic Arctic oat & chia Moisturiser 100ml


Organic arctic oat and chia seed is a excellent choice for a daily improves skin elasticity and won’t clog pores.suitable for sensitive and dry skin.


Our organic Arctic oat & chia is a excellent choice.

A daily moisturiser filled with fine ingredients.

Organic arctic oat

First of all let me say how good a cream this is.

Soothing regenerating,

invigorating ideal for sensitive skin.

Ideal for dry skin very hydrating.

can be used for atopic skin conditions.

Chia seed oil soothes fine wrinkles also improves skin elasticity.
When you FEEL IT on your skin it has a a silky nice feel.

You will love The enchanting scents of jasmine.

Much as the Rosewood,

bergamot & lemon therefore very uplifting.

Totally loaded with good oils.

This moisturiser is finely balanced.
Evening primrose which has endless benefits.

Also crambe, avocado & macademia.

Enriched with a wide range of nutrients.
The Finnish oat varieties,

which our organic arctic oat comes from are supercharged.

These nutrients survive the extreme climate of the region.

Arctic CO2 Extracts are a concentrated form.

These essential nutrients.

Providing a perfect combination of alpha-tocopherol,

alpha-tocotrienol, linoleic and oleic acids.

Arctic Oat CO2 Extract is a superior ingredient.

For delicate care of sensitive skin.

Soothing, regenerating, invigorating, in addition hydrating.

Ideal for sensitive, dry and atopic skin conditions.

There are many reasons to love this arctic oat moisturiser.

You must choose wisely

For sensitive skin because many herbal extracts are key.

All delight touch cleansers and creams are specifically ph balanced,

to the skins natural ph.

A lot of high st but nice scented creams have a high ph rating.

Making them too alkaline.
Most of all this can leave your skin overtime not having the desired effect.


Proven clinically to significantly increase skin hydration.

Also reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Hence increase skin barrier function in even the driest skin.

Chia seed oil is loaded with unusually high levels of phyto-nutrients.

While having large amounts of anti-oxidants.

In fact, chia seeds have more 30% more cell-protecting antioxidants than blueberries!

This is truly amazing.

Customers who have tried this know why.

so for those with sensitive to normal skin.

This moisturiser is a excellent choice.

In conclusion the Finely blended ingredients.

 They Will softly but surely take care of your skin.

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