Nail lacquer

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Such beauty the delight touch nail lacquer.

The nail polish has some exceptional shades which will dazzle and turn heads.

You will you look sensational with your  Choice  from our nail lacquer range.

Plus  you Will  Be using our well blended 5-free toxic free mix.

You can look beautiful while also be avoiding a lot of dangerous chemicals.

which make up the shelves of a large amount of high street brands.


Pink is Pink to Pale Envy you  Will Be  taking care of your nails thus avoiding future problems but also saving time with our quick drying solution.

Our range of nail lacquer is different from traditional nail polish which is more runny or watery.Moreover this makes for a smoother application and your time saved with the quick drying mix.

To make sure you treat your nails right.

Consequently you should always use a base coat and a top coat to help avoid yellowing of the nails.



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