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      Hi everyone Gee here this week giving you our weekly shot of info to keep you looking healthy with glowing skin. Why we should love cholesterol, in the last few days in britain in the main stream news debate has been ping ponging back and forth about cholesterol. After new reports about it not been so bad … Read More

overlooked little secrets to anti ageing #beauty #skincare

One overlooked little secret of anti ageing is stress people you see with good skin that live to a nice old age usually have 2 common things number one lots of good natural food, and number two is they don’t get stressed as much as other people. to put this more precise is they do get stressed from time to … Read More

7 ways to damage your skin without knowing #beauty #skincare

    If you suffer with skin allergies or have or skin that is troubled and not to your liking there could be some hidden things making your skin look poor. N0 1 CHLORINE AND BROMINE IN SWIMMING POOLS, It is said some people have a allergy to chlorine but chlorine is a a poison and no one is immune to … Read More

Delight touch blog super foods & herbs for #natural #health & #skincare

    hi again  and  thanks for reading.   This week we are talking about super charging for quick recovery, this previous week gone i was unwell a little under the weather. I the same as everyone else cannot afford to be ill, my daughter doesn’t understand that you don’t have the energy to play with her, work revolves around … Read More

The benefits Of Pomegranates for Skin Health #skincare #beauty

pomegranates reason why so good for skin

  Hi Gee here from delight touch let’s get straight into it……….reasons why pomegranates will help your health & skin care. Pomegranates are not just a fruit that have been spoken about  health wise from a hundred years or so, but from thousands of years ago going back to the bible. Without even going into the natural beauty, when you … Read More

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Hello and welcome once again to the delight touch blog My name is Lou & my other half is called Gee. It’s been a busy week with work & keeping to grips with a twitter competition to highlight a little more about some of our products but it also has been super fun communicating with everyone. This week we will … Read More

dt blog super foods & herbs for #skincare #bbloggers


–            Hi everyone that reads this, we are thankful and grateful that you do.  By now if you have been reading our blogs, you will know a little of how things started for us via finding and improving  both Gee’s health and myself . We have also been talking about certain super foods & herbs … Read More

top 10 benefits of sea buckthorn extract for skin

sea buckthorn berry

sea buckthorn is known to have many healing properties,it has been used for centuries for medical practices across asia & europe. It is very under used considered the near miracle status of western circles this marvellous berry has achieved. no 1 the leaves have been utilized for arthritis and has known to be beneficial no 2 The Berry helps with skin rashes … Read More