5 quick ways to check if your #selftan #tanner is good for your #skincare

Either it’s summer and you want to look good and tanned or it’s winter and you want some colour in your skin.

However not all tanners are made the same as many have found out from grabbing a cheaper brand and feeling the horror of looking into the mirror and having a streaky orange person looking back at you.

Even buying a expensive brand does not guarantee you complete success.

So lets get to it for a natural golden look.


Number 1

Most brands will have a ingredient called dha in their tanners but only the better ones will have a ingredient called ERYTHRULOSE  it’s made from gathering the ingredient needed from fermented raspberries, it’s also quite expensive to include that’s why only more expensive self tans have it.

This ingredient helps to stop your tan going a unnatural orange colour and more beach ready, weekend peachy look.

also be aware that some self tans may have erythrulose in their product but a very small amount.


Number 2


Always always go for the organic tanners because a desirable natural look is what you want and a organic self tan will leave your skin healthy years after a non organic self tan. Think a month in paradise glow or a chemical peel.


Number 3


Go for a self tan that uses spring water, some areas have very harsh water and contain many chemicals such as lead, mercury fluoride and hundreds more. nobody quite knows what the full effect of mixing these with the dha in a tanning bottle. so till they do spring water can do no harm.


Number 4


Make sure it contains vitamin e because the process that your skin will go through in a 24 hour period you will need some protection to combat the effects of the changes.


Number 5


Your skin will also need to be kept fully to the max moisturised and hydrated to stop the drying and stretching of the skin. This we believe is done best with oils such as rosehip, pomegranate, hemp, shea butter and carrot.


So now you know what to look for happy tanning look good feel good.

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