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Hi to one and all, yet another week of health and beauty as you need to keep it together in all kinds of weather.

We all lead busy lives in a modern age of hustle and bustle, so finding ways to improve and advance your health and beauty are expected in quick formats.

However not everything can and should be done quickly, but if you start something and finish quick it’s better than never starting at all. . . . . . . . . in most cases use your Imagination on that one.




Absolutely love love super food smoothies they are quick and easy, and can be so beneficial in adding vital vitamins and minerals in liquid form which is the quickest way to get them in to your system.

In our family we super load which is high amounts of certain super foods & herbs such as korean red ginseng, hawaiian spirulina, maca, green tea, kale, blitzed up in a blended with honey and root ginger.

This will help your body with energy your skin will be radiant plus you can fight off hunger and snack pangs, so over all GOOD GOOD GOOD.



30 mins high intensity workout 3 or 4 times a week choose what works for you, as a family we are always hitting and kicking training pads it’s fun it gets a sweat on and most importantly it helps to de stress you.

In day to day life everybody will get a build up of stress be it from work, family, being in traffic you name it we can get stressed from it.

We will never stop getting stressed but what we can stop is the time we stay stressed for.

I used to be involved in hypnotherapy and a friend of mine with only one lung and poor health was getting stressed.

He had a busy and hectic job where he had to be diplomatic and not speak his mind completely to fellow business associates.

For him with his health conditions running or lifting weights was a no no.

I got him to take up golf and imagine each time time he hit the golf ball that it was one of the problems he had not been able to resolve at work.

i personally hate golf but for him it worked wonderfully and his family noticed he was calmer sooner and less snappy.   STRESS MAKES YOU I’LL SO LEARN TO DE-STRESS



Continuing with de-stressing  Massage is so important if you have a partner you can have a Massage. They don’t and you don’t have to be a expert a little bit of oil and your guidance into your problem areas, be it your lower back, shoulders  neck.

Turn the tv off,  spark up some romantic candles and have at least 20 mins of massage.

No matter how stressed you are you will not be able to stop yourself smiling at least a few times. you can even do your own massage just by getting your hands on your shoulder blades and squeezing . You will FEEL sooo Much BETTER . . . . . . TRY IT



I don’t care how many establishment experts tell me there is no difference between bottled water and tap water.

Pure mineral water has more trace minerals than tap, but the scary thing with tap is more and more areas are putting fluoride into the water, fluoride comes in containers with a skull and crossbones on and is the main killing ingredient in rat poison. . . . . .  THINK ABOUT THAT.

Also the other week in our local area i filled the bathroom sink with water and noticed a dark brown colour to the water.

we contacted the water board and was told just to run the tap until it went back to normal.

24 hours later the colour returned to normal but no explanation of what the problem was.

For many of the people in my area that didn’t notice this water would of gone into the kettle and into their nightly hot drink. . . . . AVOID TAP WATER



We are big fans of sea salt and not table salt even though so called experts will say their is no difference.

Navy doctors would use sea salt water to do blood transfusions when blood supplies ran low, you couldn’t do this with table salt water. . . . . if you get the chance try HIMALAYAN SALT it’s far more healthy




Look after your skin and your skin will look after you.

Use organic skin care products with herbal extracts such as ARCTIC OAT, SEA BUCKTHORN, MORINGA, and CHIA SEED

We love adding and boosting our product range with as many herbal extracts as possible.

As much as a boost that you can give to your skin will be appreciated by the silky radiant look that you will get.

Also if you wish to fight off fine lines and wrinkles it’s the way to go.




The average western household wastes up to 20% of the food that they buy in the course of a year.

We in our family have been at times shockingly wasteful with what we cook up and leave never to eat again, but also with the amount of vegetables we buy that then may go off before we get to eat it again.

When you cook your food at a high temperature you can destroys the enzymes of the food.

With a dehydrator you can set the temperature to below 47 centigrade and have some nutrient loaded snacks like kale crisps, carrots with cinnamon peppered cucumber, thyme and coriander broccoli, dried banana  basically any leftovers bang it in the dehydrator.

Some these dehydrators and the better ones are quite expensive, but at the moment we use a cheap £45 one it does a decent job.

the benefits of this are you save on food by using your leftovers and not wasting them.

also you get more of the nutrients of the food plus snacking on these will stop you snacking on things with more calories in so get fitter stay slimmer.


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till next time see ya

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