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Hi to one and all again, it will be me Gee writing the blog this week.

Well we had a lot of comments and interest about a previous blog, why going organic can save your life and your skin.

This will be the part two because giving more or deeper detail of the benefits of non synthetic vitamins, minerals and organic food can have a truly amazing domino effect to improved health.

Internally and externally with your skin after all we all wish to look as good as we can and in turn feel good.

Im going to mention the dreaded J word  and even i tut when i hear it mentioned   JOURNEY

We are all individually on our own journeys in life taking in knowledge improving our own lives, families, friends and  other people we may come across.

I educated myself quickly in health because i had no choice if i wished to run, walk, or just have a normal life as i had a form of arthritis called spondylitis  and was told i would need a walking stick then a wheel chair in a few years time.

This has been spoken about in greater detail in previous blogs, the short and the tall of the story is i turned this around and this was over 15 years ago, so to now have a beautiful girlfriend and daughter and to just walk in the park is still now very special to me.

Im not over keen on the vitamin tablets that you can get from a certain high street health store that rhymes with carrot, simply because they if you read the label have a lot of fillers in to bulk up the tablet and the percentage of actual active ingredient is mostly quite low.

We meaning my family like taking our super boosts in liquid form.

Now this book i will mention and a doctor that wrote it i hold in high regard, and i have no financial connection to him or his book,  it was  just part of my  early education to knowing how to have a guideline to which vitamins and minerals can help you when your ill.

The book is called dead doctors don’t lie by dr joel wallach

Dr. Wallach’s Bio and Credentials

Dr. Joel Wallach was born and raised in Missouri, attended the University of Missouri, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Agriculture.

A veterinarian for 30 years, he worked as a research veterinary pathologist with The National Institute of Health for The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia, at Emory University.
Having discovered and identified the first animal models for cystic fibrosis- monkeys – he found that he could reproduce their condition at will because it was a nutritional deficiency. His find offered great promise for children with the disease, but when he made it public, the institute fired him on 24 hours notice.
Chagrined and perplexed, Dr. Wallach made the decision to go to medical school so he could treat children for cystic fibrosis himself.
Realizing that traditional medical school was likely to be as repressive as the National Institute he accepted an invitation to teach nutrition at The National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Oregon, not even knowing what a naturopathic doctor was.
When he learned that he could be a primary care physician-deliver babies, sew up chainsaw wounds, write prescriptions and get paid by insurance- all through a program that encouraged interest in nutrition, he simultaneously enrolled as a full-time student. Soon people were flocking to the college clinic.
Dr. Wallach obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Missouri in 1962, with a major in Animal Husbandry (Nutrition) and a minor in Field Crops and Soils. In 1964, he was awarded a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM), also from the University of Missouri. Thereafter, Dr. Wallach completed a three year (1965-68) post-doctoral fellowship at The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1982, he obtained a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.
Early Work
Dr. Wallach has held key positions with leading zoos and universities in the United States and Africa, including Director of the Jacksonville Zoological Park in Jacksonville, Florida; Research Veterinarian for the South Africa National Parks Department (where he was a member of the famous “Operation Rhino” team); and Director of Research at the St. Louis Zoological Park in St. Louis, Missouri. At the request of Africa’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Department, Dr. Wallach led an expedition to capture and mark elephants in the Wankie Game Preserve in Rhodesia as part of a migration study. He is one of the founders and a former editor of the Journal of Zoo Animal Medicine.
A prolific author, he has published more than 70 scientific papers and six books including the famous textbook, Diseases of Exotic Animals, still used today by leading veterinary schools, and on the Smithsonian Institute’s recommended reading list for Zoological Garden and Aquarium libraries.
Groundbreaking Research on Trace Minerals
As a researcher at the Emory University Yerkes National Primate Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977, Dr. Wallach discovered the world’s first known case of non-human cystic fibrosis in a selenium-deficient Rhesus monkey. At the time, cystic fibrosis was believed to the result of a human genetic disorder. Dr. Wallach’s monumental discovery set him on a 20-year path of research on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals. As a result of this work, he became known as The Mineral Doctor and the Father of Liquid Mineral Supplementation.

Keep the Doctor Away

Standard orthodox medical doctors used to believe that diet & supplements were not

important or at least were unrelated to health.

New research now shows conclusively that nutrient deficiencies and dependencies do exist

when people try to maintain their health on three meals a day using the “four food groups.”


We cannot get all the vitamins and minerals we need for metabolic

competence from the standard three meals a day.

When the body has been assaulted by stressors, drugs, pollutants, injury or sickness,

nutrients are lost more rapidly than normal and if they are not replaced, the victim’s ability to withstand


or fight off disease is reduced.

We use so many labor-saving devices that we need fewer calories. As food intake is reduced,

it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need without taking supplements.

Pollutants in the air, food & water put a stress on all of us. As a result, we require more vitamins and minerals

to support the enzyme systems which aid in discharging these unwanted toxins.

Those sweet, “empty calorie” foods we eat rob the body of the nutrients required for digestion and absorption.

In addition, food sensitivities and yeast infections damage intestinal lining cells so that even when we do eat

nutrient dense food, absorption is limited.

“Pica” (unusual cravings) suggests that the body is not getting something in the regular diet.

People tend to consume too much of certain things (fat, sugar, calories) in order to obtain

missing nutrients. Even if your diet were able to supply you with an adequate dose of the major minerals,

you would still be lacking in the trace minerals found in the Majestic Earth products.

The importance of some of these trace elements, as well as the effects of a deficiency in them,

are as shown in the following chart:

Sample Trace Element Table

Trace Element Value Deficiency
Selenium Protectscell membranes, reduces risk of cancer, antioxidant, enhances immune system Heart attack, numerous cancers, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis
Chromium Required for glucose tolerance factor Hypoglycemia, diabetes
Vanadium Required for glucose tolerance factor Hypoglycemia, diabetes
Tin Supports hair growth and can enhance reflexes, Reduces aggressiveness, violence and self-destruction Symmetrical baldness, reduced response to noise
Lithium Reduces aggressiveness, violence and self-destruction Depression, mania, suicide, spouse and offspring abuse
Gallium Modulates brain chemistry, anti-tumor activity Brain dysfunction
Molybdenum Modulates calcium, magnesium, and copper metabolism Copper deficiency
Boron Modulates calcium, magnesium, and copper metabolism Osteoporosis, arthritis
Zinc Enhances immune system, thymus, and protects against birth defects Birth defects, infertility, chronic infections
Nickel Lowers requirement for B12 B12 deficiency symptoms
LanthanumPraseodymiumNeodymiumSamariumEropiumYtterbiumThulium Enhances cell growth and extends life Shortened life span

So this is my little guide that i use  for certain information.



This is only a starting point

 of information 

and the man who wrote it

Joel D. Wallach


 till next time 

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