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Hi everyone Gee here again manning the blog for this week, i personally am more of a mixer and a blender of  skin creams  than a writer of blogs. However sometimes you have to say what you do and do what you say. 

     Myself and lou both have a passion  for health and beauty. That can best be described by saying we enjoy a organic lifestyle, well as much as possible because if you like a night out at a restaurant it will be a rare one that has all organic on the menu.

Now lets get right down to the nitty gritty CAN vitamins and minerals cure ?  YES 

We in the west have forgotten and deliberately been led away from information  that can benefit our health internally and externally for your skin complexion, in fact the two are interconnected as the skin is the biggest organ of the body

Things like herbs which can be grown naturally sometimes in your own garden or window ledge  can not i repeat can not be patented by big pharmaceuticals companies who deal in health but really deal in mass profits. 

 I am not against businesses making profit but be aware big pharma  is more into profit than health . . . . .  MUCH MORE.

Keeping someone ill  is far more profitable than curing them.

As i have said before and i think is a good way to look at things, before you take someones word for gospel regarding health in the present, look back in to the past to see what was being used for the same thing.

Now people will be saying we don’t want to be using leeches to improve our health,  no of course not but the use of herbs and certain plant roots in powdered form i do use.

Ok lets look back a few hundred years to see something that is not disputed works but you don’t hear spoken about much though you can research it yourself plain and simple.

Have you ever heard of the term limey referred to people from england by the americans.

The term is thought to have originated in the 1850s as lime-juicer,[3] and was later shortened to “limey”.[4] It was originally used as a derogatory word for sailors in the Royal Navy, because of the Royal Navy’s practice since the beginning of the 19th century of adding lemon juice or lime juice to the sailors’ daily ration of watered-down rum (known as grog), in order to prevent scurvy.

Initially, it was actually lemon juice that was used as the additive to grog on the British Royal Navy ships, and at the time, the terms “lemon” and “lime” were used interchangeably to refer to citrus fruits.[5] The vitamin C, which occurs as ascorbic acid in citrus fruits, helped make these sailors some of the healthiest at the time due its role in preventing scurvy.[2]

 However, the British Navy eventually switched from lemons (imported from Europe) to limes (grown in British colonies), not realizing that limes did not contain sufficient Vitamin C.[5]

Eventually, the term lost its naval connection and was used to denote British people in general. In the 1880s, it was used to refer to British immigrants in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Now just this simple bit of history little known but hidden in plain site shows that vitamin c has a healing action. We in our family if we wish to have a good shot of vitamin c use something called camu camu  which comes in powered form but grows in the form of a berry.


  The Highest known source of natural vitamin C. Camu camu’s claim to fame is that it is the densest natural source of vitamin C in the world. According to multiple sources, camu camu contains up to 56 times more vitamin C than a lemon, 60 times more vitamin C than an orange and 200 times more vitamin C than a banana on an ounce-by-ounce basis.

How amazing is that ? . . . . . .  I KNOW  and  you now know  if you had not before but on a national percentage of population i’m guessing less than 5% of people know this because well big business don’t want people swaying down this path of natural health.

This is just one i repeat just one of hundreds of different herbs vitamins  minerals that you can take in a super food form for improved health.

Plus my field of work is creams and to have completely healthy radiant skin you need to load up internally with the right goodies, then when you top up your skincare routine you go for a organic cleanser, moisturiser with good herbal extracts and you will have silky radiant skin.

You can read further down our twitter page for people who have had excellent results with troubled skin who have not gone all organic and don’t use super foods and herbs, but when you do the results of success will happen more quickly.

Either way taking the first steps in a organic direction will do wonders for you, but don’t just take my word test it out for yourself the rewards will be golden.

    till next time thanks for reading


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